How to reach EUREF-campus

Venue: Schmiede Building (EUREF-Campus, Torgauer Str. 12-15, 10829 Berlin, Germany)

Official link to the Schmiede:

GoogleMaps link to the Schmiede.

How to get to the EUREF Campus:

Berlin's U-Bahn (metro/underground) and S-Bahn (urban railway) network:

*For all the public transport mentioned below, you need a ticket for zone "Berlin AB". Exception: For Schönefeld airport (SXF) you need zone "Berlin ABC".

S-Bahn: stop "Schöneberg" (line S1, circle lines S41/42)

From the S-Bahn station Schöneberg take the exit to Dominicusstraße, cross the street Dominicusstraße at the traffic light to get to the north-eastern side of the street, turn right to follow the street for 50m, and the street Torgauer Straße is the first one on your left. Follow Torgauer Straße for 100m until the entrance to the EUREF Campus. On the Campus it is another 150m to the Schmiede building.

Bus: stop "S-Bhf. Schöneberg" (lines M46, 248)

Depending on the direction the bus is going, make sure you are on the side of the street Dominicusstraße opposite of the S-Bahn entrance/exit. Then follow the instructions above.

Train: The nearest train station is "Berlin Südkreuz". Take a westbound S-Bahn of the circle line to go to Schöneberg (just one stop), then follow the instructions above.

If you are coming from the central station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof), you can either take southbound regional trains to Südkreuz station and follow instructions from there. But because connections between Hauptbahnhof and Südkreuz are not very regular, you can also take the U-Bahn U55 from Hauptbahnhof to Brandenburger Tor, and take the S-Bahn S1 from there to Schöneberg. Then follow instructions above.

Plane: As you may have heard, Berlin is still struggling with the construction of its new airport. So we still have two old ones operating:

Tegel (TXL): Take the bus X9 to S-Bahn "Jungfernheide", then take any counter-clockwise S-Bahn of the circle line to get to Schöneberg and follow instructions above.

Schönefeld (SXF-- attention, do not mix up Schöneberg and Schönefeld...): Either take the X7 bus to U-Bahn "Rudow", take the U-Bahn U7 to "Neukölln" and then the westbound (clock-wise) S-Bahn of the circle line to Schöneberg, then follow instructions above. Or walk from the terminal a little (300m?) to the S-Bahn stop "Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld", take the S-Bahn S45 to "Südkreuz", then follow instructions above.