2011 Developers meeting

Subjects treated at the Developer Meeting:

    1. Marcin talked about documenting the source code and observed that it's not as trivial as may seem. Allin pointed out that newer code is in general more transparent and better documented than “legacy” code.

    2. Filling gaps in existing manuals (for example, documentation on simultaneous systems). It's not clear who's supposed to do what, though.

    3. Allin explained the importance of sending bug reports and told the others that this reports are very welcome. Ignacio proposed to hold a 'bug week' just before a new 'official' release. Jack observed that a “feature freeze” period is common in large projects; gretl probably needs to adopt such a policy from now on.

    4. Sven asked about the possibility of having longer identifiers. Allin replied that those pose a problem for the printouts, but we may adopt a trick like Stata's in which identifiers get truncated. More thought needed.

    5. Allin and Jack invite the others to propose suggestions about new features to be incorporated in gretl 2.0. Ignacio suggested Cluster analysis, some statistical graphs, seasonal graphs but there may be more. However, everybody agreed multivariate analysis tools (factor analysis, cluster analysis etc) are a perfect example of what may be constitute add-ons in the future. Allin and Jack stressed one more time the idea that 2.0 should mark the transition to a system in which most new features are introduced via function packages and add-ons.

    6. 3rd Gretl Conference (2013): Lee Adkins 'volunteered' to organize the conference in Oklahoma City.

There was also another issue that was not even discussed at the meeting because there was a general agreement among attendees. It refers to the new name that we will use for the gretl scripting language: HANSL (“Handy Scripting Language” or “Hansl's A Neat Scripting Language”)